Dynamics Chronicles is a multi author blog... A dedicated Power Platform and Dynamics 365 community blog. 


Dynamics Chronicles is not represented by only one author able of creating content and articles. Indeed, the platform was entirely designed from day one to allow a team of people to have their own account, their own blog space in order to create articles, at their convenience. Why not open this platform to everyone?


Enthusiasts are welcome to join the Dynamics Chronicles Team

  • Are you planning to start your own Dynamics 365 blog but you don't want to deal with the creation of the site and the inevitable topics, such as SEO or hosting?
  • Looking for a place to find a cool team to share your passion on Power Platform. A place to share your discoveries with the community from time to time, at your own pace?
  • Do you want to give visibility to your content, radically and effectively, without transforming yourself into a Community Manager and spending hours on the various social networks?
Dynamics Chronicles is made for you! You can host your own blog. It's easy and free.


Some benefits for you...

  • Completely free
  • No need for web knowledge
  • Benefit from our editorial process, with review, discussions, ...
  • Benefit from SEO optimization provided by our team
  • Auto post your articles to Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, MS, ...)
  • Platform backuped and maintenance managed by our team
  • Benefit from our popularity, several thousand visits per month
  • Platform available worldwide (CDN, ...)
  • Management of monthly newsletters integrating your articles
  • Integrate a cool team, with upcoming events
  • And more...
dynamics 365 community blog

Stefan Rodić

DC Author
Dynamics Chronicles gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others and to gain knowledge from other authors. Every new day is great with them, the team is amazing and very comfortable to work with.


How to join us ? Nothing more than three easy steps !

The first step is very simple, it is about to create your account on the site. The information requested is basic, your username (ideally LastName / FirstName) and your email. A LinkedIn account can also be added.

This creation is done online, the account will then be approved and you can start blogging!

Start here !

As soon as your account is created and approved, you will be able to access your own author space. In this one you will mainly find the pages to create content and to follow it.

You can also browse our guidelines and tips to help you get started.

Simple user friendly form + WYSIWYG editor
dynamics 365 community blog
Your content overview

dynamics 365 community blog

You will have access to other team members if you wish to discuss them during your creation process.

In addition, your articles will be SEO optimized by our team.

Finally, once your articles are published, you will be able to find all your content and information on your public profile page.

This page can serve as the home page of your Dynamics Chronicles blog, your can share it on your resume and Social Networks profiles. In addition to containing the links to your Tricks and Chronicles, it will present your DC Badges, which you can acquire as you go on your adventures.

dynamics 365 community blog
We hope to welcome you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.