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In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.

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Lloyd Sebag

Lloyd Sebag

Founder / Editor

In a world where digitization is omnipresent, the biggest IT companies are trying to find a place at the top. Microsoft has clearly taken a leadership position for the past 10 years with a complete toolbox of tools offered to professionals but also to the general public. Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are clearly part of this equation.

For my part, I spent the last 10 years immersing myself in the depths of the Dynamics CRM stack, then the Cloud and SaaS options offered by Microsoft through the Power Platform and Azure. Thanks to Power Apps and the entire surrounding ecosystem, we are more than ever able to build powerful, scalable, secure, integrable, and a whole bunch of other positive adjectives, solutions.

But here it is not a question of promoting a product, but of community and sharing. Dynamics Chronicles was born in 2019 within a team of passionate colleagues, simply whishing to be able to discuss and exchange on these topics. Then, the idea came to make these discussions public through a blog. One among so many others you will say? This was indeed the case initially, but since then we have opened our editorial platform to anyone who wants to find a place to blog. We are thus trying to create a real community animated by the same goal of sharing, but also by the desire to learn.

I try to make this project real. Hope you will like the concept and content.
Have fun!