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Tools to Boost Customer Engagement

Often while thinking about enhancing customer experience, you consider service and support as the crucial factors. However, delighting customers and encouraging them to spend more is not enough. You need to strengthen their loyalty, make them feel like a part of your brand. That’s possible with customer engagement. Engagement ensures that customers and their feedback are valued. They are not just random customers but someone you have a good relationship with. For this, it’s essential to constantly engage with your customers and demonstrate your dedication to their needs. 

Choosing the right one and engaging customers can be overwhelming with so many ways and tools vying for your attention. 

Hence, we have put together a list of 5 Dynamics 365 plugins to help you build an effective customer engagement strategy. 

  1. Calendar 365

It’s always said that - brands that are looking to improve their customer engagement have to be time conscious and focus on its impact on their marketing. This is exactly why you should invest in a Calendar 365 plugin. The calendar app streamlines the actions, giving you and your staff time for better engagement. It gives your team the ability to organize and plan their meetings productively. You can conveniently set reminders and remind customers about their purchases, payment, meeting, or other activities. As the staff productivity is high, they are likely to engage better with customers. For instance, if all the meeting and customer details are in hand, they can easily provide the required services or solutions. They won’t have to switch between tabs and apps to answer a simple question.

Talking about Calendar 365, one of the Dynamics 365 plugins, helps you manage all the customers, accounts, meetings, etc., in one place. Features like activity management, shareable calendar, customer calendar, resource scheduling, and real-time reminders ensure performance, productivity, transparency, and healthy relationships.     

  1. MappyField 365 

Customer engagement is about engaging beyond acquisitions, products, and services. It’s about offering them value, providing relevant information, and enhancing the overall experience. A mapping tool can be your savior. Here’s how:

MappyField 365 is a mapping tool that provides your on-field reps with all the information they need to communicate with customers, leads, managers and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

With features like data visualization, your sales team can visualize the data on the map and saturate it on different levels. This gives an idea of what’s working, which strategies need rework, how satisfied customers are, and more. You can even share optimized routes with your on-field reps to help them reach the clients on time. Your sales reps can look for places nearby, such as a cafe, to meet the clients with proximity search. It widens their reach and helps approach clients in new locations. Another feature that helps enhance your sales reps’ performance is territory management. You can assign tasks and territories based on availability, performance, time, and other factors. 

All these features together help enhance the customer experience.

  1. Chatbots

The reason many businesses are investing in chatbots is because they provide customers with the reason to go ahead with a brand. It offers quick solutions and answers promptly to the customers' queries without any time constraints. Another advantage is that your support team can be free of all the manual tasks. A chatbot provides customers with the help and support they need. It enhances engagement by answering questions, offering solutions, and building relationships through chat. 

To convince you, here’s an example of Spotify. It provides users with music suggestions, search features, and sharing functionalities. Their chatbots assist users in making a playlist directly from Facebook messenger. They can share 30-second audio clips with their friends and listen to them from the Facebook extension or app. 

Chatbots can process a lot of information in less time. It reduces person-to-person interactions, eliminates time-consuming tasks, offers smooth customer journeys, and humanizes brands. You can integrate them with your website or self-service portal. It will surely boost your user engagement. 

  1. Smart Alerts

Keeping customers informed about the activities and tasks is one way of improving customer relationships. This is exactly why you should have Smart Alerts for Dynamics 365. Smart Alerts allow you to create, manage, and track notifications for different entities. The app allows creating different alerts such as announcement type, SMS, user selection alerts, and more. For instance, you can remind users about upcoming events and holidays. You can assign alerts to a particular person, specific groups or create bulk alerts for the entire company. You can even track alerts, which helps you boost productivity and engagement in a way. 

  1. Self-Service 

Self-service is always considered for post-purchase support. However, it also helps engage users who are looking to purchase. The best example is Hyundai. They have AR user manuals that allow users to get an overview of the interior features through Hyundai Virtual Guide app available for smartphone or tablet. 

Similarly, you can invest in a self-service portal that will allow users to help themselves. They can communicate with internal teams and other customers and share what they love about brands, new ideas, and solutions. Features like in-app chat, AI chatbots, knowledge base, collaboration tools, etc., will ensure that your customers receive the expected support and service. 

Some Tips to Engage your Customers

Delight your customers with positive and unique interactions. It will help you create an experience that sets you apart. Here are some ways to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. 

  1. Monitor your customers’ feedback and follow up
  2. Create a customer loyalty program
  3. Offer personalization
  4. Build communities
  5. Improve productivity by integrating Dynamics 365 plugins 
  6. Encourage customers to use the self-service portal

Customer engagement is the result of the interaction, quality, and service that you offer your customers. Implementing the above strategies will enhance the customer experience. So, go for it!

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