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Model-Driven App Copy

How to duplicate a Model Driven App

Thu, 02/29/2024 - 15:08 By joao.neto


Who never ambled around Power Apps trying to get the way to make a copy of its Sales, Field Service, or any other App to kick-start a new App?

Well I did !

And that's why I'm giving here a tip on how to leverage it quick and easy.


How To (using the modern editor)

  • In your Power App environment ( go to Solutions and select "New solution"

  • Enter your new App Display Name, Name and publisher

Power Apps Release Channel

Thu, 02/15/2024 - 14:32 By joao.neto


Have you have asked yourself how frequent Microsoft is delivering new features into you Power Apps environment? I do !

So the initial concept comes from M365 channels that was later adapted to Power Apps and it allow admins to chose how often your Power Apps  env gets new features from Microsoft.

How it works

The by default is the called Semi-annual channel (twice per year) giving the cadence of 2 release waves per year (April and October).

A new monthly channel option that enables GA-ready features to be release every month.

Customer Type Field

Dynamics 365 Dataverse : Customer Type Field

Thu, 01/18/2024 - 15:04 By joao.neto

What is?

This field it's provisioned along with some of the traditional Dynamics 365 licenses (sales, customer service) and it's a specialized type of lookup field designed specifically for establish a relationship between records in different entities ("linking records") to account or contact entities, often used in the Opportunity entity.

When adding new table columns based on this field type two new relationships are added to the entity making it the interesting part of this field.