Thu, 02/29/2024 - 15:08 By joao.neto Contributor Lloyd Sebag
Model-Driven App Copy


Who never ambled around Power Apps trying to get the way to make a copy of its Sales, Field Service, or any other App to kick-start a new App?

Well I did !

And that's why I'm giving here a tip on how to leverage it quick and easy.


How To (using the modern editor)

  • In your Power App environment ( go to Solutions and select "New solution"

  • Enter your new App Display Name, Name and publisher

New Solution
  • Add a new Model-driven app to the solution and open the advanced features

  • Select the solution where the App to copy from is located and the site map to use

New Model-Driven App
  • Your App is created with the all the features present in the source App

Other Ways

  • App copy can also be made in the classic solution editor

  • On the XrmToolBox the Model-Driven Apps Copier is also a viable option

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