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Activities are entities in Dynamics 365 made to help an organisation understand the interactions it has with its customers and prospective customers. This article will present the main points related to Activities.

Activities are used to record a specific type of communication such as Phone calls, Emails and Faxes.

Here are a few details about other existing Activities:

  • Tasks: used to track “To-Do” items
  • Appointments: used to track in-person meetings or conference calls
  • Letters: used to track hand-written letters
  • Campaign Responses: used to track interest from marketing campaigns. They can be converted to a Lead if they require more attention
  • Campaign Activities: used to track campaigns that have been made
  • Service Activities: used to schedule an appointment that provides a service

Creating Activities

The Activities related to a record are displayed in the Timeline in the Form of the record. They are presented in Chronological order. New Activities can be created from this Timeline.
Activities can also be created from the Activities section in the CRM or by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

Converting Activities

An Activity can be converted to an Opportunity, Case, Lead, or Campaign Response. When the user chooses to convert an Activity to a certain Entity, a Form opens with pre-filled fields of the target Entity. These fields are filled using information from the Activity.

Activities Status

An Activity has a status of open or complete. If the status is open, that means the activity hasn’t taken place yet. If it is complete, the activity has occurred. When an Activity is created, it is always initially open. Closing activities in Dynamics 365 must be done manually. For instance, sending an email changes the status to complete.

Synchronisation of Activities with Mailboxes

When emails are synchronised between Dynamics 365 and Outlook or Exchange, activities such as emails, appointments, and tasks can be synchronised between the CRM and the Mailbox that is used.

Custom Activities

When creating an Entity, it is possible to choose to make it be an Activity. It therefore becomes a custom Activity.

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