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Block unmanaged customizations

What is unmanaged customizations?

Unmanaged customizations reside at the top layer for a component and subsequently define the runtime behavior of the component. Unmanaged customizations are typically applied directly to the environment where they are created. However, they can also be exported and imported as part of solutions, allowing you to transfer them between different environments

Block unmanaged customizations, what does it mean?

This environment setting allows system administrators to prevent unmanaged customizations in Microsoft Dataverse environments. By restricting unmanaged customizations, you guarantee that modifications to the environment originate solely from authorized application lifecycle management (ALM) procedures, ensuring adequate safety, transparency, and auditability.

This feature can be enabled or disabled from the Features area of the environment settings for environments in the Power Platform admin center. By default, this setting is disabled.

Block Unmanaged Customizations

What is blocked?

When the setting is enabled, these operations are blocked for the environment:

  • Import of unmanaged solutions into the environment are blocked
  • Creation of new solution components like apps, tables, and forms are blocked
  • Adding unmanaged changes to existing managed components are blocked
  • Any unmanaged changes result in an error returned to the user, such as: “This environment doesn't allow unmanaged customizations. This was a choice made by your admin, and certain actions won't be available or will be view only.”

What is NOT blocked?

  • Change of environment variable, enabling or disabling components. For example, turning Power Automate flows on or off, assigning ownership, or sharing of table records.
  • Solutions operations like remove Remove an unmanaged layer
  • Creation and export of unmanaged solutions

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