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Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo

Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo

Today we will talk about one small, but important part of Field Service, which is Sales. These parts of system are connected, since there is no Sales without Service and other way around. As we all remember, we can generate work order from sales order. I will write about Sales module more in future, so here we will go light on descriptions.


Sales part of menu is made of following items:

  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Orders


  • Invoices
  • Actuals


Leads are as we all know potential customers in system. Used to identify our users who may or may not become regular customers.

Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo


Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo


Opportunities  are potential revenue which can be generated from leads or some other entity connected to it.



Quotes is used to represent formal offer for products or services which are provided to customers.

Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo


Orders are used to show us that hard work pays off. It is goal of organization to sell their product or service. Order is final stage of that process, which shows who is customer, on which opportunity and which quote. One important thing here is to see Order Lines.



Invoices are bills for customers to pay, towards received products or services. In this case, system is telling us that Invoices in this case can only be automatically created(since we are looking from Field Service view). This creation is done from somebody who is working in Sales module or automated by some other process.

Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo


Actuals are used to track amount of work that has been completed on a project(in which we can count work orders). Actuals can be later connected to Project Service and provide more information on specific area of organization. Here we are tracking expenses, working hours, resources  etc.
Unfortunately there is no data that I can display here in blog, but here  is link that will provide you deep dive how Actuals work.

More on Actuals here.

Dynamics 365 Field Service HowTo

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