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Dynamics 365 Map new feature


MappyField 365 is one of the best mapping plugins for Dynamics CRM users. It already boasts a handful of groundbreaking features that let CRM users visualize data on the map, plan better routes, track on-field reps, view POIs, and more. 

However, to simplify these tasks further and elevate your entire mapping experience, Dynamics 365 Map is launching six new features. 

Wondering what's in store? 

Let's explore the upcoming features and how they will help your business stay organized, find smarter routes, and make the mapping process smoother. 

What Are the 6 Upcoming Features in Mappyfield 365? 

Look into the upcoming features that will transform how you used mapping plugins in the past. 

  • Color-coded pushpins 

Color coding the pushpins will help you distinguish all the different entities based on field values. 

For instance, you want to plot clinics on the map based on different specialties such as Orthopedics, Dermatology, Cardiology, Dentistry, etc. You can configure different colors for all these specialties (field values). So, now, when you plot the clinics in the selected area, all of them will be displayed on the map with color-coded pushpins that you have configured. 

Besides distinguishing the data, this remarkable feature also helps streamline geospatial analysis! 

  • Take notes conveniently 

The upcoming MappyField 365 feature will now let you add and view notes directly on the map. This Dynamics 365 Map feature is designed to ensure that anyone with access to CRM records can view the notes as well. 

But that's not all! The feature also lets you attach documents and images to support all the important discussions with customers. Your sales reps can quickly take notes while effortlessly having one-on-one conversations with customers through their MappyField 365 mobile app. 

This upcoming feature not only makes note-taking more convenient but also furthers smoother team collaboration. Additionally, when all the resources have these notes handy, they will be able to make informed decisions. 

  • Create activities during route management 

The upcoming MappyField 365 features now let CRM users generate new appointments or activities while saving or updating routes.  

This Dynamics 365 Map feature makes it super easy and convenient for users to create optimal routes. In addition to creating activities, the feature also helps automate the process of estimating appointment durations, setting the starting point, etc. 

Think about the time and effort you can save with this single feature! 

Plus, you, as the MappyField 365 user, will have the flexibility to customize or edit these details manually. 

  • Import and map external data (CSV file) 

The latest importing and plotting feature makes the entire process even easier. Previously, users had to input the required data in the Dynamics CRM first to be able to plot them on the map. 

However, the upcoming feature eliminates this tedious data entry work! Now, users can seamlessly import external data in a CSV file format and visualize everything on the map with a click. 

Well, that's not all! Once the data file is imported on the map, it can be easily integrated with Dynamics CRM, so you don't have to do the manual input all over again! 

  • Integrate maps into the CRM entity records 

MappyField 365's latest plugin feature lets you add a map directly into the CRM records. Put simply, with this feature, you can now view a map within the account's profile on Dynamics CRM. 

For example, whenever you access a person named ABC's profile on the CRM, you will be able to see the embedded map with the account's placement. 

Moreover, you can click on the pushpin or account's name on the map to access additional details. These details include ABC's name, email, contact information, and much more. 

In addition, the sidebar has multiple useful settings that you can access with a click, such as proximity search, sharing meeting links, adding/viewing notes, etc. 

  • Visualize related data on the Dynamics 365 Map 

In the upcoming release, MappyField 365 is going to launch a feature where users can visualize an entity's related records in a single click! 

Suppose you have linked records like contacts, leads, and cases to accounts. Now, rather than searching for all the data separately in the CRM, you can plot them on the map. 

But do you know what's the best thing about this feature? Each of the related records will be represented by color-coded pushpins, making it easy for you to make visual distinctions. This convenience will ensure that you can quickly scan the complex data without any confusion. 

Final Thoughts 

The latest MappyField 365 features make everything from mapping to routing management to appointment setting easy. Who could have imagined that a single mapping plugin could do all this? 

Moreover, do you know what the best thing about this Dynamics 365 Map is? Well, that being said, this mapping plugin aims to meet the mapping and routing requirements of all companies, regardless of size.

If you are contemplating which mapping plugin will best suit your Dynamics CRM, you now know which is the best one on the market. Moreover, stay tuned for further details about the upcoming MappyField 365 features. 


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