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With the arrival of the new 2020 release Wave 1, a very useful feature is now available on D365.

Before when a user wanted to access the record's form from a lookup, or a subgrid for example, he was forced to leave the current form.

With the new release, you will be able, thanks to a little piece of code, to display the desired form into a customized dialog. From this opened form dialog, you could create a new record or edit an existing one. A nice thing to note is that the tab control to navigate in the form will be usable.

To integrate this new feature, D365 devs will create a javascript script where they will have the possibility to define the appearance and the positionning of the dialog.

Let's see an example with this following script

var pageInput = { 
 pageType: "entityrecord", 
 entityName: "account", 
 formType: 2, 

var navigationOptions = { 
 target: 2, 
 width: {
   value: 50, 
 position: 1 

Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo(pageInput, navigationOptions);

The code displays a dialog to create a new record of type Account. The dialog will be centered and with a width of 50% of the window.

Open a new record

You can also modify the navigationOptions to change the dialog position. Let's change it with:

var navigationOptions = { 
 target: 2, 
 width: {
   value: 500, 
 position: 2 

In this case, the dialog will be on the right of the screen with a width of 500px.

Open an existing record on side pane


You can find more examples on this page:

If you want to know more about the navigateTo function

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