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Did you know 88% of users avoid visiting a website after a bad user experience? And people are more likely to share their bad experiences with more people than good experiences.

So, focusing on user experience is one of the top KPIs for any ecommerce brand. Otherwise, the direct impact can be seen on conversion rate and sales target.

The logic is simple: If your users don’t find your website easy to use and interactive, they might not proceed further. Despite good products and services, you may lose your customers. 

To save you from this trouble, we have some tips, suggestions, and verified ways to optimize your customer portal and build a loyal customer base.


Major tips to optimize your customer portal


Checkout process should be easy and transparent

Ecommerce brands have always struggled with high cart abandonment rates. There are many reasons for this like: customers adding products to the cart to check the final buying price, buying products from competitors selling at a lower rate, change of mind, or maybe complex checkout process.

Customers willing to buy your product but abandoning the cart due to a complex checkout need a quick fix. A brand cannot afford to lose customers who really want to buy the product but are not able to. 

A clean UI with proper navigation will make the checkout process much simpler. Make sure your customers have all the necessary information in the checkout page. Single page checkouts are the best. Delivery address, cost breakdowns, delivery date, and any other special instruction will all be seen on that page.

Such small considerations make customers feel more confident during their process and thus reduce cart abandonment due to complex checkout.


Personalization ‍is inevitable

More and more online shoppers are trusting ecommerce stores that offer personalization. Shoppers like speedy and targeted results. When you show them products they want to see, it boosts their experience. 

For suggestions, you can use data like their past purchases or previous search products. Showing bestsellers, trending, or similar products from that same category can lead to quick taps. Such features reduce scrolling time and help shoppers make faster decisions. 

Best customer service

The best way to make customers come to you for their next purchase is to offer the best in class customer service along with your product. Shoppers like when they find it easy to connect with the brand. It builds their trust in your brand. 

So, make sure you have multiple communication channels so that customers can connect with you and their queries get resolved as fast as possible. If a brand is able to resolve the query quickly, it will make shoppers feel more confident and implant trust in the brand.

One of the best ways to reach customers quickly is live chat. The fastest and the most efficient way to reach your customers is through live chat. Another way to reach your customers is via calls, but here you will need a larger team to manage the . 

Self-service is a must

A lot of studies show that the majority of customers find answers to their questions/doubts via self-service without contacting the customer care team. In the world of socially awkward people, customers often prefer ways to find answers without interacting with anyone. 

Customers like independence when shopping, canceling, scheduling returns, or filing complaints. So, it is important to have a website with self-service features. 

Self-service options could be FAQ sections, clear and loud CTAs, and more.  


Importance of optimizing customer portal


Imagine your shopper's login to your customer portal and can’t easily find anything they seek. Not finding answers to what they are looking for will make them question your brand's efforts in improving user experience. 

Once customers start feeling that the brand does not care about their time and user experience, they are highly unlikely to come back for their next purchase. 

Rather than struggling with your brand, they will find an alternate brand that offers excellent services to their customers. 

So, if you want to build or optimize a customer portal, the CRMJetty customer portal is your answer. We have industry-specific Dynamics customer portals with custom features.


Here are some of the major highlights of the Dynamics 365 customer portal:


1. Out-of-the-box operational efficiency

With our portal solution, brands can achieve operational excellence by optimizing resource allocation, streamlining and automating operations, and integrating tools for customer interaction.


2. Better Customer Communication

A customer portal can allow you to offer customized interactions, help optimize the process, and contribute to building strong relationships with your customers. Maintaining good relationships with customers is a must, especially for growing businesses.


3. Create your own flow

Our customer portal offers drag and drop feature using which you can easily personalize the portal. We understand that every brand has a different identity and procedures. Our portal does not restrict you from offering customized experiences to your customers. 


4. Workflow Automation

Easily automate the repetitive tasks and use that time to focus more on complex problems that require human assistance. While the portal takes care of case generation, escalation, and routing through its automation features, your team can focus on more productive tasks.


5. Stay in touch with your customers

If you want to see a reduction in sports tickets, then keep your clients updated. You can send real-time notifications, alerts, etc, about their orders, service requests, or accounts. When shoppers have access to the information they need, they will not need to reach out to your support team. Their faith in your brand will increase as you maintain transparency and good communication with your team. 


Will you optimize your customer portal?

If you are missing out on any or all of the points discussed in this blog, consider optimizing your portal, as you will see its direct impact on your customer service. Customer portals are the best way to stay closest to your customers and ensure that they never forget about your brand. Using portal features to the best of your ability can really boost the customer experience. Minor changes can see major improvements. Connect with team CRMJetty at for more information.


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