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Quick presentation of FetchXML Queries

    FetchXML queries describe the information to be retrieved in a table. It allows to select specific columns, to filter records on some conditions, to order the results on the values of one or more columns, to select the top n records.
    These queries are used very often in the Dynamics 365 environment: directly in the UI of the CRM, in many tools around D365 such as XrmToolBox Plug-Ins, in the code of D365 Plug-Ins, etc

Presentation of FetchXML Builder

    So, FetchXML queries are very useful in the D365 world. However, it can take time to learn how to write the queries. The FectchXML Builder Plug-In allows to configure the content of the query with a graphical interface and then to generate the query automatically. This can save a significant amount of time.


FetchXML Builder plugin overview

Part 1: The Menu of the Plug-In. Among other things, it allows to create a new query, to save or load a query, to generate a query from the configuration interface, to execute a query on the environment selected in XrmToolBox
Part 2: The configuration interface: the content of the query is configured in this Part. The top Part allows to add or delete elements in the query. The lower Part allows to edit these elements.
Part 3: This Part displays the results of the configuration step. You can see for instance the FetchXML query that was generated and the results of the execution of the query.

This Plug-In can now also generate other types of queries such as SQL queries and OData queries.



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