Tue, 06/30/2020 - 10:56 By Amaury Veron


    This Plug-In allows to generate Excel and Word documents with entities and attributes information. The generated documents can be very useful. They can for instance be used as a base to create new specifications. It would take a huge amount of time to create similar documents manually.

Overview of the Plug-In

Metadata Document Generator - Plugin overview

Part 1: The Menu of the Plug-In. It allows to load Data, to generate documents, and to access to settings. 
Part 2: In this Part, the user selects the type of generated document (Excel or Word), the output file path and the language used in the document.
Part 3: This Part allows to select the Entities and the Attributes that must be displayed in the output document.
Part 4: This last Part provides more options such as: including in the document the Audit information, the Attribute location in Forms, the Field Level Security information, etc.

Overview of the results

Metadata Document Generator - Results

In Excel, one tab is generated per Entity. Each tab contains the attributes and additional information that were selected in the Plug-In. The Word document contains the exact same information and tables.



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