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AI Prompts Quick Overview

What is a Prompt?

A prompt is a natural language instruction that tells a large language model (LLM) to perform a task. The model follows the prompt to determine the structure and content of the text it needs to generate.

Here is the link to Microsoft documentation.

Power Platform Prebuilt Prompt

Some prebuilt prompts are available on the Power Apps Maker portal :

  • Respond to a complaint
  • Classify text
  • Extract information from text
  • Summarize text

It is also possible create custom prompts. AI Builder provides a prompt builder that allow makers to write, test, save, and use prompts to generate text.

AI Prompts

Example with "Respond to a complaint" prompt

Respond to a complaint

Please note that human supervision is a crucial step in handling content generated by a GPT model. Models like GPT are trained on vast datasets, but AI-generated content may still contain misleading or fabricated information and are susceptible to prompt injection attacks. Therefore, it's essential for a human to review it before posting online, sharing with customers, or making business decisions based on it. This oversight not only helps detect potential errors and biases but also ensures the content aligns with the intended use case and reflects the company's values.

Furthermore, human review can pinpoint issues with the GPT model itself. For instance, if the model produces irrelevant content, adjusting the prompt may be necessary.

Where to use prompts?

As of the time of writing, AI Prompts can be used in Power Apps (canvas) or in Power Automate.

Distribute prompts

Prompts can be distributed across environments using solutions. Prompts can be added using menu Add existing > AI models inside a solution.

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