Mon, 05/08/2023 - 14:56 By David Uhlmann Contributor Lloyd Sebag

When utilizing the default Dataverse Connector in Power BI, users may experience occasional malfunctions. As a result, some may switch to the "legacy" connector, which is not a long-term solution. This tip aims to address a common issue faced by numerous users when employing the default connector. The specific problem is as follows:

Network Error of Dataverse Default Connector

The inconsistency of this error is particularly troublesome, as it may appear or disappear intermittently, even with identical PBIX files. Following a thorough investigation, the issue was traced not to the connector, but to the network settings of the computer's connected network, irrespective of VPN usage. In other words, the error might not surface when using a customer VPN at home, but may reappear without VPN or when in the office. The root cause stems from Power BI Desktop's attempt to connect to the TDS Endpoint via ports 1433 or 5558. (see link to documentation).

So the solution is to check the connection to these ports via Powershell. This can be done with the following command: 


In the screenshot provided, the initial connection attempt was unsuccessful. However, after changing to a different Wi-Fi network and disabling the VPN, the application successfully connected to the ports, enabling the use of the default connector as intended:

Successful Connection

So all in all, a port issue, but one that has caused headaches for many people. 


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