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2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics is constantly evolving and bringing new features and 2023 is no exception.

Actually 2023 Wave 1 was announce few weeks ago and this is definitely bringing some exciting and promising new features within all modules.

Nevertheless we will go through the most noticeable and valuable for business. Let's go straight to the point and see what a good vintage Microsoft has prepared for us.

In this article, I will introduce features regarding Dynamics 365 Marketing module sort by release date.


Dynamics 365 Marketing

Send segment-based emails quickly without building a journey

Public preview/General availability : January 2023/April 2023

In traditional email marketing, creating targeted email campaigns often requires building a complex marketing automation journey. With this new feature users can send segment-based emails quickly and easily without the need to build a journey.

This feature allows users to select a specific segment of their customer base based on specific criteria, such as demographic information, purchase history, or other attributes. The user can then create and send a targeted email campaign to this segment, without the need to create a complex automation journey.

Enrich marketing content by embedding additional file types

Public preview/General availability : January 2023/April 2023

With this feature, users will be able to embed a wider variety of file types within marketing content, such as emails, landing pages, and other digital assets.

This feature allows also users to add additional information and resources to their marketing content, such as images, videos, and presentations, to make it more engaging and informative for their audience.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Match your business needs with more granular and customizable consent and preference centers

Public preview/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

With this feature users will have the ability to create more detailed and specific consent and preference centers within the platform. A consent and preference center is a place where customers and prospects can manage their preferences and opt-in or opt-out of receiving different types of communication from a business.

With this feature, businesses can create more granular and customized consent and preference centers to better match their specific needs and comply with data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Optimize your lead management process by engaging your sellers right away

Public preview/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

This feature allows organization to automatically notify users whenever there is a lead generation. It can be configured to assign lead to appropriate seller whenever there is a follow up email, schedule call or any other action to be performed related to a lead.

The aim is to optimize the sales process and reduce the time of lead management.

Keep stakeholders in the loop by seamlessly copying them on email campaigns

Public preview/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

This feature will make easier to keep stakeholders informed about email campaign progress. The aim to copy stakeholders on email campaign ensuring that they are always in the loop. They will therefore receive a copy of every email sent within a campaign and be able to track results.

Measure marketing activity, web traffic, and conversion goals using automatic UTM tagging

Public preview/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

This feature will allow makers to streamline the process of moving custom business logic, such as triggers, between different environments. With this feature users can automatically add UTM tags to URLs used in marketing campaigns, making it easier for organizations to track the success of their marketing efforts.

Therefore organizations can track web traffic and conversion goals, and measure the impact of their marketing activities on these metrics.

By having a better understanding of the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, organizations can make more informed decisions about their marketing strategies and optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

Prevent message fatigue by limiting the messages sent to a customer in a specific period

Public preview/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

Marketing fatigue can occur when customers receive too many messages from a single organization in a short period of time. This can lead to lower engagement and decreased effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

This new feature will helps organizations to prevent message fatigue by allowing them to set limits on the number of messages sent to a customer in a specific period. For example, an organization may choose to limit the number of messages sent to a customer to once per week, or to a maximum of three messages per month.

Boost your productivity with enhanced journey reminders

Public preview/General availability : March 2023/April 2023

Journey reminders are automated messages sent to customers at specific intervals during a marketing campaign.

With the enhancements in the 2023 release, users can expect improved functionality, such as increased flexibility in creating and scheduling reminders, better tracking and reporting capabilities, and improved user experience.

Save time by easily moving triggers between environments

General availability : April 2023

Triggers are custom business logic that are executed when specific events occur, such as when a record is created or updated. With this feature, organizations can easily move triggers between different environments, without the need for manual export and import processes.

This feature will definitely save time and reduce the risk of errors when moving custom business logic between different environments.

Scale your business effortlessly and define access to marketing assets

General availability : April 2023

UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) tags are snippets of code that are added to URLs to track and measure the success of various marketing campaigns.

This feature is made in order to help organizations to manage the growth of their business operations and improve efficiency and security of their marketing processes. It provides a centralized and secure platform for managing access to marketing assets. 

Therefore, they will be able to streamline their marketing processes and reduce the risk of errors or unauthorized access.

Prioritize the best leads and empower sellers with the new lead scoring builder

Public Preview : April 2023

This feature is made out of an AI powered tool that is suppose to helps sales to identify the best leads to focus on and therefore prioritize their sales effort.

Therefore, organization will be able to assign scores to leads based on a variety of factors such a demographic, behavior, engagement and many others. It can be configure and customized to meet every organization needs.

This lead scoring will allow sales people to focus on most important leads.

Scale your business with confidence with 300M maximum monthly interactions

Public preview/General availability : April 2023/July 2023

300 millions represents the maximum number of interactions that the system can handle without encountering performance issues or downtime.

With this feature customer engagement platform can handle large volumes of interactions. With a maximum monthly interaction limit of 300 million, organizations can handle large spikes in customer activity, such as during peak holiday periods or promotional events, without having to worry about system performance or downtime.

Moreover, this feature provides a range of scalability and performance features, such as load balancing and auto-scaling, to ensure that the platform can handle large volumes of customer interactions without encountering performance issues.

Easily create modern forms using the new intuitive form experience

General availability : April 2023

This refers to a new user interface designed to be more modern and intuitive. 

With the new form experience, users can easily add and remove fields, arrange fields on the form, and customize the look and feel of the form using drag-and-drop functionality. The new form experience also provides an improved user interface for working with form elements, such as sections, tabs, and columns, making it easier for users to create well-organized and visually appealing forms.

Use interaction data to improve targeting in redesigned segmentation builder

Public preview/General availability : March 2023/May 2023

The redesigned segmentation builder allows marketers to easily create and manage segments of customers based on data such as email opens, clicks, website visits, and form submissions.

This feature enables marketers to better understand customer behavior and use that information to personalize their marketing messages and therefore improve the chances of success for their campaigns.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Understand how marketing activities contribute to defined milestones

Public Preview : May 2023

This feature allows users to track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. We will be able to define key milestones such as number of leads generated, deals won or revenue generated. We will then be able to track and measure impact of a marketing activity using detailed analytics and reporting tools.

The idea here is help organization to optimize their marketing investment and make data driven decision.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Optimize B2B marketing and accelerate your pipeline with out-of-the-box analytics dashboards

Public Preview : July 2023

It provides pre built analytics dashboards designed for B2B marketing. It allows organization to gain real time insights regarding their marketing campaign performance.

We will be able to access pre configured dashboards that provide insights and key metrics such as lead generation, campaign performance and deal conversion rates.

It will definitely help to accelerate process and optimize marketing efforts.

Easily reference a copy of previously sent emails in the interaction timeline

Public Preview : September 2023

This feature refers to the ability to view a copy of previously sent emails within the interaction timeline of a customer or lead record.

Users can easily reference a copy of previously sent emails within the interaction timeline, allowing them to see the full history of their communication with a customer or lead.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing



The Dynamics 365 Wave 1 2023 release brings exciting new features to PowerApps, Sales, and Marketing modules. The optimized Marketing module offers even more robust marketing capabilities. Overall, this release is set to revolutionize marketing management and give businesses a competitive edge.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Dynamics 365 for Marketing


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