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Power Apps wave 1 2023

2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps

Microsoft Dynamics is constantly evolving and bringing new features and 2023 is no exception.

Actually 2023 Wave 1 was announce few weeks ago and this is definitely bringing some exciting and promising new features within all modules.

Nevertheless we will go through the most noticeable and valuable for business. Let's go straight to the point and see what a good vintage Microsoft has prepared for us.

In this article, I will introduce features regarding Power Apps sort by release date.

Power Apps

Create virtual tables easily in Maker Portal

Public Preview/General availability : January 2023/April 2023

A virtual table is a type of table that is not stored in a database. This is instead created dynamically based on formula or query results.

With this feature makers will be able to create virtual tables directly from Power Portal. This eliminates the need for manual coding or scripting, and makes it possible to create virtual tables with a few clicks of a button.

One more feature in order to simplify development within Power Apps.

Add table columns to forms and views automatically

Public Preview/General availability : January 2023/April 2023

Now makers will be allowed to automatically add columns from a table to a form/view with a single click. Currently we have to manually add each column to a form/view and this is no secret that those operation are time consuming.

With this new feature, makers can quickly add all columns from a table to a form.

This will certainly save time.

Enjoy the new look and feel for model-driven Power Apps

Public Preview/General availability : January 2023/April 2023

This feature is merely an update of the user interface for Model Driven Apps and Power Apps. It includes updates to visual design such as change of colors, font styles and overall layout.

The aim is to provide a more modern design to end users.

Look up records easily with modern advanced find

Early access/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

This feature is related to Modern Advanced Find. The advanced find will be improved in order to be more intuitive and there allowing users to easily retrieve records without having to proceed through a complicated menu.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps

Power BI quick reports in Power Apps enabled by default

Early access/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

Power BI is pretty well known and with this feature, the integration of Power Apps and Power BI has been improved with the ability to quickly create reports in Power Apps. Makers will therefore be able to create reports within Power Apps without having to switch to Power BI interface.

Power BI will be enabled by default in Power Apps.

View offline sync icon in the navigation bar

Early access/General availability : February 2023/April 2023

This refers to an offline sync icon added to navigation bar of an application. It would give a visual indicator of data sync in the application whenever offline is used for a Power Apps.

When Icon indicates an inactive state, it means that data are currently not synced with Dynamics 365 server. Therefore changes made to data in Power Apps while being offline are not reflected in Dataverse yet.

This would give a good vision to end users using offline mode.

Build canvas apps by using new and refreshed controls

Public Preview/General availability : February 2023/June 2023

This refers to new and updated controls within Modern App Maker interface. It will provide a wider range of options for designing and customizing the Power Apps.

There will be for example new buttons, sliders or drop down menu. There will be improvement of existing elements to make it more modern or even new control such as charts or graph.

Enhance delegation for UpdateIf and RemoveIf

Public Preview/General availability : April 2023

The delegation in the title refers to a process of running a query in a data source rather than in Power Apps. When a query reach the limits of delegation, it has to run within the app which of course results in decreased of performance and scalability.

In 2023 this delegation capability will be improved for UpdateIf and RemoveIf Power Fx functions. Those functions allow app maker to update or remove records in a data source based on certain conditions. With the enhancement, more complex queries would possibly be processed and it will be possible to work with a lager data sets.

This will definitely improve performance and scalability within Power Apps.

Be more productive with modern app designer improvements

General availability : April 2023

The modern app designer got several improvements that make easier its use. Those improvements includes a change of user interface, new features and performance testing. It would also integrate an improvement of data visualization tool and analytic capability.

Basically, it makes the overall experience improved and therefore it should supposedly improve the maker productivity.

Run automated tests for custom pages and model-driven apps

Public Preview : May 2023

This feature will allow developers to write automated test for Custom Page and Model-driven apps in Dynamics 365. The aim is as you can imagine to ensure that everything works properly despite the latest customization made. It ensures functionality and stability.

The test will merely be a simulation of user interactions with Custom Page or Model-driven apps. For instance, navigation to a page, filling out a form and submitting it. Those test can then be run automatically during development or manually after any development in order to ensure that no regression are there.

By making those test automatic, it's obvious that developers will reduce their time for testing and also ensure that less remarks are made after development.

Test Power Apps in CICD pipelines

Public Preview : May 2023

CICD for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment which would allow developers to automate testing of Power Apps whenever this very Power Apps is deployed from an environment to the other. 

Same principle than the previous feature ; the ability to write test and make it run automatically or manually after any deployment.

By making those test automatic, it's also obvious that developers will reduce their time for testing and also ensure that less remarks are made after development.

Turn existing artifacts into working apps with Express design in Figma

Public Preview/General availability : May 2022/April 2023

Figma is a popular interface design tool used in order to create design artifact. Power Apps will now integrate Figma which means that makers will be able to create design of their app through Figma.

This will help to work more efficiently and also to create high quality app meeting business need.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps

Reuse Power Fx formulas with user defined functions

Public Preview : June 2023

This will allow developers to reuse Power Fx formulas by creating defined functions ; custom function that can be created by developer and used in multiple places within the Power Apps.

This was app makers can simplify their code and make it easier to maintain. Makers can encapsulate complex logic and use that logic in multiple location through the app.

2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps

Drag and drop to build responsive pages more easily

Public Preview/General availability : July 2023/September 2023

    Development of Power Apps is made easier by expanding drag and drop to components, image or buttons directly on the page making it easier and faster to build responsive pages. It eliminates the need for custom code or scripting to be implemented for this.

    Therefore, makers will more efficiently develop app that fits any kind of device ; computer, tablet or smart phone.

    2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps

    Coauthor with other makers in the modern app designer

    Public Preview/General availability : September 2022/April 2023

    This feature will allow app makers to build and customize Power Apps on the same time within the same app.

    Therefore, one developer will be able to work on layout and design while another work on Power Fx functions in order to make it functional. The feature also includes real time notifications in order that makers see when others are making changes within the app to avoid conflict.

    You can easily understand the value of such feature : more collaboration, less time to develop.



    The Dynamics 365 Wave 1 2023 release brings exciting new features to PowerApps, Sales, and Marketing modules. PowerApps integration enables custom business app creation for improved productivity. Overall, this release is set to revolutionize sales and marketing management and give businesses a competitive edge.

    2023 Wave 1 Review - Power Apps


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