Mon, 03/11/2024 - 15:55 By Lloyd Sebag Contributor Lloyd Sebag

If for any reason you need to assign a specific Privileges to a Security Role, you can use this code : 

// The ID of the role without the privileges
Guid RoleId = new Guid("7ad78e66-a4df-ee11-904c-000d3a8312b6");

// The privileges to add to the role
string[] privileges = { "prvAllowTDSAccess" };

// Retrieve the privileges
var query = new QueryExpression
    EntityName = "privilege",
    ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("privilegeid", "name")
query.Criteria.AddCondition("name", ConditionOperator.In, privileges);

DataCollection<Entity> privilegeRecords =

// Define a list to hold the RolePrivileges we'll need to add
List<RolePrivilege> rolePrivileges = new List<RolePrivilege>();

//Populate the RolePrivileges parameter
foreach (Entity privilege in privilegeRecords)
    RolePrivilege rolePrivilege = new RolePrivilege(


// Prepart the request
AddPrivilegesRoleRequest request = new AddPrivilegesRoleRequest()
    Privileges = rolePrivileges.ToArray(),
    RoleId = RoleId
// Send the request


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