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Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client : IFD + ADFS Mode not supported !

Valid only at the time of writing this article on 20.11.2022

Last time we discussed about the opportunity to use the new GA  Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client DLL that could replace the old Microsoft.CrmSdk.XrmTooling.CoreAssembly one. Our scenario was for an usage with Azure Function .NET Core versions. Find the article here

But then we ran into a problem that indeed stalled us for a while.
This involves trying to make this new DLL work with authentication on a CRM of the IFD + ADFS type. Fairly standard for legacy CRM exposed on the internet.

Indeed, when you look at the official documentation of the libraries, it is clearly noted that there does not seem to be an option for this type of connection, but it is not clearly said that it is not not supported either. here

Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client : IFD + ADFS Mode not supported !

So we tried to dig and look in the source code of the DLL, because yes, it is open source and available on GitHub.!

Looking in more detail in the creation class of the service, we see that there are comments talking about IFD and ADFS. And this code happens in blocks related to using the ConnectionString rather than typed constructors.
So we thought it might be supported !

Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client : IFD + ADFS Mode not supported !

But unfortunately, using a ConnectionString with either IFD or AD mode does not work at all.
With IFD this tells us that this mode does not exist and in AD it returns a connection error.

Eventually I decided to ask Microsoft via a ticket. After investigations on their side and discussion with the product team, they confirm that this is not supported, and does not even seem to be present in the roadmap.

Hoping that this can be supported in the coming months, indeed this kind of connection could still be useful for some CRMs of our customers who must remain in this IFD + ADFS mode.

Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client : IFD + ADFS Mode not supported !

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