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9 Benefits of Map Integration On Dynamics 365

9 Benefits of Map Integration On Dynamics 365 

Businesses tend to enable geocoding to generate vital data everyday. This data on map is used to enhance customer experience, improve business operations, and enable strategic decision making with location intelligence.

It becomes easy for the management if the system is cloud based, which is continuously evolving to offer features and functionalities that help improve the marketing needs. It also helps you grow your business by visualizing the data on map, managing sales, performing search based on your radius, plot records for different proximity, real time tracking, and many more other benefits. Read further to know more benefits in detail and explore how Dynamics 365 map can help grow your business.

  1. Analyze Data:

Dynamics 365 map helps get a quick summary of each record, with ready to view maps. It is one of the best ways to analyze data through heat maps that help get deeper insights. It helps to improve in the areas that are doing well and recognize the areas that need attention. A geographical representation helps visualize in a better manner.

It helps you view the records of various geographical regions. You can filter these regions based on different measures like revenue, profit, sales, opportunity, etc. The density of different colors acts as a scale for better analysis. Also, any user can have access to these heatmaps.

It also helps in getting real time updates in a more specific way. The sales employees can just login to their account and visualize the data just in one glance. 

  1. Data Plotting:

Plotting is a geographical technique for representing the data in the form of different graphs, which helps show relation between two or more variables.

Any data can be plotted on map on mobile devices. Using a plot function, you can represent any record based on the location, region, or territories. After plotting the data, the sales representative can visualize it and give you the insights based on the objectives. 

Plotting data helps visualize the charts in a more organized manner. It helps you view the data in grid format based on your applied filter.

  1. Proximity Search:

To boost the localization awareness in the organization, this feature helps a lot. This feature helps the user find the nearby customers and prospects in the close radius which help assist the businesses to enhance the marketing campaigns’ reach.

Sometimes it is helpful to list the records based on the proximity, especially, when you want to run a marketing campaign, where customers within a particular radius can be targeted very well. This feature helps plot the results on the map and also save them. You can give access to different people like view once, or edit, and modify.

  1. Categorize Data:

What if I tell you that you can categorize your data from your smartphone? Users get the option to visualize the categorized data which is more organized. It is color coded and easy to grasp for normal eyes.

This feature opens up opportunities for the future, generating a good revenue. It helps showcase the layer that you want to show on top and hide other layers. It automatically forms a grid to filter important details. This way it becomes easy to plot multiple entity records on a map. It makes a detailed map, which is more productive and easy to understand.

  1. Optimize Route:

Getting an optimized route for your sales helps you minimize the driving distance while meeting the requirements of the client. It helps prepare a blueprint for all the routes to determine the fastest route available.

Reaching on time is one of the crucial goals for sales and field services. Dynamics 365 provides you with easy to grasp visualizations. It helps save fuel, and money, allowing you to add multiple stops before a final delivery. It helps to know different modes of transportation, and also helps avoid toll roads and highways. This helps improve the productivity of the sales representatives by empowering them with intelligent options. 

  1. Appointment Planning:

A well structured and scheduled appointment helps you towards long term growth development. This helps build a strong bond with the customers, which allows you to manage them in a better way. It helps plan the meetings in advance which facilitates better decision making.

Planning appointments with customers is an important part of an organization. It helps ensure the best use of time and book an appointment with any custom entity including the lead. It helps function better and move forward on optimized routes. It helps handle assignments using turn-by-turn navigation using maps. 

  1. Check-in and Check-out Tracking:

It helps you give a complete view of the check ins and check outs of field resources and helps calculate the average time for completing the task. It helps you plot everything on a map which helps you visualize better on the completed and ongoing tasks. It also helps add notes before checking out.

This feature is used for keeping track of the records that each user has worked on. It helps to eliminate all the roadblocks that you face while check-in and check-out. This feature also allows you to keep a track of your on-field team’s activity. 

  1. POI Location:

POI is Point Of Interest location which a sales representative can use to their advantage. It helps locate places like the cafeterias, hotels, and restaurants by providing useful information about that place, like the rating and the best cuisine. It helps impress the clients through their taste and get the deal.  

Say if a sales representative is visiting a company, he can schedule the meeting at the coffee shop nearby. Also, it is easy to locate such places as it helps you locate the company better and get rides in the correct direction as well. Also, it helps get new leads, as it becomes easy for the sales people to just find a good place and impress them and not waste time finding a good place for their meeting.

  1. Turn-by-turn Navigation:

You can optimize your routes, conduct meetings but that is not possible if you don’t have the directions to that particular place. A turn-by-turn navigation helps you to follow the route properly. Not only that, but you can also find the shortest route and generate navigation links. It makes the process faster and effective to use. 

A turn-by-turn navigation helps you to turn on the busy streets, making your way to your destination easy to reach in time. The satellite navigation devices find the directions for the selected route.  It also helps you view the route, and alert you before you need to turn on a busy street. 


There are many benefits to map integration on Dynamics 365. It helps you adapt to mobile devices and operate through them. Analyzing data and visualizing it in a better way helps with route optimization, POI locations, and getting directions to your destination. Features like check-in and check-out tracking helps you with tracking in real time. It also helps in appointment planning with the client to interesting places nearby their office. 

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Other features like the proximity search helps you strategize your marketing plan and target your audience in a better way. Overall, mapping integrated with Dynamics 365 is a one stop solution if you want these benefits. There are other additional  benefits as well that can help your business.

9 Benefits of Map Integration On Dynamics 365


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