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Dynamics 365 Map

Many businesses use geocoding to track clients and plan strategies based on location. By using location intelligence and mapping data, businesses can enhance their operations, improve the customer experience, and make better strategic decisions. 

Geolocation tools like MappyField 365 can assist in the growth of your company by visually representing data on a map, managing sales activities, conducting searches based on specific distances, enabling real-time tracking, etc.

Continue reading to discover in-depth advantages of Dynamics 365 Map.

Analyze Data

The Dynamics 365 Map plugin is a valuable tool for analyzing data. It allows you to quickly see a summary of each record and utilize heat maps to gain deeper insights.

This plugin is particularly useful for identifying areas of strong performance and pinpointing problem areas. By visualizing data geographically, you can easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of different regions.

With the assistance of the plugin, you can view records from various geographical areas. You have the flexibility to filter regions based on different criteria, such as income, profit, sales, and opportunities

The heat maps generated by the plugin use different color densities to represent data, enabling more accurate analysis. Furthermore, the plugin provides real-time updates, allowing employees to access the information through the app and make better-informed decisions. They simply need to log in to the app to access all the necessary information.

Data Plotting

Data plotting is a geographical method that visually represents the relationship between two or more variables by using various graphs.

With the help of the plot function, you can plot any data on a map directly from your mobile device. This means you can represent records based on their location, region, or territory. Sales professionals can plot the data and present you with valuable insights.

By plotting data, you enhance the visualization of your CRM data. You can apply different filters to view specific data and gain clear and comprehensive visualization of the information.

Search Surrounding Proximity

The proximity search feature is extremely useful for businesses that want to focus on their local region. It allows users to search for local clients and potential clients within a short distance, thereby expanding the reach of their marketing efforts.

This feature in MappyField 365 becomes particularly handy when running marketing campaigns that target clients within a specific radius. By listing records based on proximity, businesses can effectively identify and target their desired audience. The results can be saved and plotted on a map, thanks to this feature. Additionally, different users can be granted permission to view, edit, and update the plotted information.

Route Optimization

Optimizing your routes is crucial for sales efficiency, as it allows you to minimize driving time while still meeting customer demands. By creating a map of each route, you can identify the fastest and most efficient path to take.

One of the primary objectives for sales and field services is to arrive at destinations on time. Dynamics 365 provides user-friendly interface that make it easy to understand and navigate routes effectively.

With route optimization, you can plan additional stops along the way before reaching your final delivery point. This not only saves you money and fuel but also maximizes the productivity of your sales staff. By integrating the Dynamics 365 Map plugin with your Dynamics 365 CRM, you can enhance the efficiency of your sales operations.

Moreover, by utilizing the map functionality, you can gain insight into different transportation options, helping you avoid toll roads and highways when necessary. This further contributes to optimizing your routes and improving overall efficiency.

Live Tracking

Live tracking is a valuable feature that allows you to have a real-time overview of the check-ins and check-outs of your field resources. It enables you to track their movements and calculate the average completion time for tasks. 

This feature helps you plan and visualize ongoing and completed activities effectively. Additionally, you can add notes before making payments, which can be beneficial for record-keeping purposes.

With live tracking, you can easily monitor the records and activities of each user. It helps you identify any obstacles or issues that may arise during the check-in and check-out process. This feature also enables you to keep tabs on your team's activity while they are in the field, providing you with greater visibility and control.

Find POI

The POI features are beneficial for sales representatives as they provide valuable information about various locations, including ratings and recommendations for the best food. It makes it easy to identify cafes, hotels, restaurants, medical shops, and more.

Imagine a scenario where a salesperson visits a company and plans a meeting at a nearby coffee shop. With the help of the POI features, finding such locations becomes effortless, streamlining the process of locating places along the way. This feature not only simplifies navigation but also allows sales representatives to impress clients by selecting convenient meeting spots.

Live Chat

The new Live Chat feature in MappyField 365 revolutionizes communication between managers and on-field agents. Seamlessly integrated into our geolocation mapping tool for Dynamics 365 users, Live Chat enables real-time collaboration for instant support and information exchange. 

With the ability to share images, documents, etc. more directly within the conversation, managers can provide immediate instructions and troubleshoot issues promptly. 


The integration of Dynamics 365 Map offers numerous benefits. It simplifies the usage and operation of mobile devices, providing advantages such as route optimization, finding Points of Interest (POI), and easy access to directions for reaching destinations. These features greatly support data analysis and enhance visualization capabilities. Additionally, the check-in and check-out tracking features enable real-time monitoring while also facilitating the scheduling of customer visits to nearby locations.

Moreover, the inclusion of a live chat feature has changed the game for onfield agents. They are able to get answers to their queries in no time. Similarly, managers are getting updates as soon as possible, which makes it easy for them to plan the next meetings.


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