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Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation:


  1. The goal
  2. Features
  3. Comparison between Dynamics 365 for Outlook and Viva Sales
  4. The architecture
  5. The price
  6. The installation
  7. Outlook
  8. Teams
  9. The customization
  10. Conclusion


The goal


Viva Sales is a newly introduced tool developed by Microsoft. Its primary purpose is to assist sellers in optimizing their time during customer interactions by minimizing the effort required to transfer data from Outlook or Teams to their CRM. It serves as an efficient link between productivity systems (such as Teams and Outlook) and the CRM, which acts as the system of record.

While sellers possess valuable information, they often dedicate minimal time (up to 10% at most) to inputting this data into the CRM due to various other responsibilities. Viva Sales address this challenge by automatically transferring relevant data from seller communications with customers directly into the CRM. Sellers can conveniently remain within their Outlook environment and enter necessary data into the CRM without switching between platforms.

Additionally, Viva Sales leverages powerful AI capabilities to assist sellers in making informed decisions and capturing important notes. This integration of AI enhances the overall functionality of the tool and contributes to a more efficient sales process.

5 points of Viva Sales around seller : 1 Included in MS365 2: Seller tasks in familiar MS 365 apps 3: AI insights in the flow of work 4: AI generates email content 5:Automste logging  & tracking

Viva Sales can improve the productivity of a seller in multiple scenarios using Outlook or Teams.

Viva Sales use multiple features to help seller in the use of Outlook and Teams


Viva Sales can update and access the customer's CRM record from the Outlook app. And that for a Microsoft CRM or a salesforce CRM:

In Outlook Viva Sales right panel can creat a contact from an email Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation

Viva Sales improves also the time spend in response to customer by suggesting response.  The AI of Viva Sales and Copilot write the mail with the best information for the client it is not just a template is way more than that.

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and PresentationThe email writes by Viva Sales have data from the CRM

With Viva Sales you can see the level of interaction some coworkers get with the customer. And directly share data from the CRM trough Teams.

the level of interaction with a client is display in Viva SalesMicrosoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation

Viva Sales provides a comprehensive summary of the Teams meeting transcript, offering recommended actions derived from the discussion as well as a sentiment analysis of the conversation. The conversation intelligence is available at various levels, but for the complete experience, it is recommended to purchase the D365 Sales Premium experience. This premium offering enhances the capabilities and insights derived from the meeting, providing a more robust and comprehensive understanding of the conversation, and enabling users to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on the analysis provided.

Summary made by Viva SalesTranscript of the call and emotion detection with some summary of action to tack

After a meeting, with GPT Viva Sales, it is possible to create and send a summary of the latest Teams conversation directly to all participants. This feature saves time for the salesperson, allowing them to focus solely on their discussion with the client instead of taking extensive notes. Additionally, the email includes embedded CRM data for reviewing and validating the information discussed during the meeting.

button for create the summary the summary links to the CRM in the summary

Comparison between Dynamics 365 for Outlook and Viva Sales

While some features may appear similar between D365 for Outlook and the Viva Sales app in Outlook, the key distinction lies in their respective goals. D365 for Outlook primarily focuses on tracking, reading, and writing between M365 (Outlook) and D365, essentially serving as an additional feature of D365. On the other hand, Viva Sales aims to minimize time lost for sales professionals. While it leverages the features of D365 for Outlook to achieve this goal, Viva Sales goes beyond that. It offers valuable sales insights, enhances customer engagement, facilitates collaboration among sellers, and even allows integration with Salesforce CRM. In essence, Viva Sales expands upon the foundation provided by D365 for Outlook to deliver a comprehensive sales solution with advanced functionalities.

The architecture

The structure of Viva Sales is composed of three main layers:

Client Apps: These include the Teams and Outlook Viva Sales apps, which are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for sellers. These apps serve as user interfaces and do not directly communicate with the CRM system.

Service Layer: This layer acts as an interface between Viva Sales and the CRM system. It is responsible for customizing Viva Sales to meet the specific needs of the sales team. The service layer is where the intelligent features of the application are developed, incorporating AI functionalities. Additionally, it interacts with the M365 (Outlook) layer to leverage its features.

CRM Layer: This layer represents the underlying CRM system, which can be either Dataverse or Salesforce Business Entities. The CRM layer serves as the foundation for data storage and management, providing the necessary functionality for sales operations within Viva Sales.

Overall, this architectural structure ensures seamless integration between the client apps, the service layer for customization and AI capabilities, and the CRM layer for data management and functionality.

the architecture of Viva Sales

The price

Viva Sales is designed to cater to companies that do not currently utilize D365 CRM, offering them the opportunity to access its functionalities for a cost of $40 per user per month. While this may appear costly at first glance, Microsoft justifies the price by emphasizing the significant time savings that can be achieved through the use of Viva Sales. The value gained from increased efficiency and productivity is considered to outweigh the $40 per user per month investment.

For companies already utilizing D365, pricing may vary depending on the package they choose. Additionally, the level of conversation intelligence and the available AI features may differ based on the specific package selected by the company.

Viva Sales pricesViva Sales pricesViva Sales pricesViva Sales prices


Viva Sales pricesViva Sales prices

The installation

To install Viva sale on your tenant you need to install it in your Outlook app and Team app. You need to be Microsoft 365 administrator and Teams administrator.


Go in the admin center ( in Settings > Integrated apps and to install click on get apps.

Go to Settings > Integrated apps > get apps

In the AppSource search Viva Sales for Microsoft Outlook.

Went Viva sales is installed you can assign it to user.

When Viva Sales is installing on Outlook you should see one of the following.


Go to to configure Viva sale for Teams in the setup policies you have to Install the Viva Sales and add it to the pinned apps.

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and PresentationGo to Teams apps > Setup policies > +add

After that you must assign it to some users.

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation

It can take some minutes to be effective on Teams.

The customization

Viva Sales tab have a display pre-made.

1 : Contact details, such as title and account

2 : Private notes card to enter personal notes for a contact. These notes are private and are not saved in the CRM system.

3 : Recent (past and future) e-mails and meetings with the contact

4 : Back button to return to the list of CRM and external contacts

5 . Pin or unpin the application pane

6 : Close the application pane

7 : Options menu

8 : Customer contact information

9 : Options menu. Allows you to edit the contact, copy the link to the contact and open it in your connected CRM.

10 : Contact opportunities

11 : Account associated with the contact

12 : Options menu. Allows you to copy the link to the record and open it in your connected CRM.


You can customize this in the Teams Viva Sales app.

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and PresentationMicrosoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation


In conclusion, Viva Sales is an excellent tool for enhancing the performance of a sales team, as it allows them to concentrate on their work while automating the input of feedback into the CRM system. Additionally, Viva Sales can significantly improve the quality of client relationships by providing valuable insights to sellers. It is worth noting that Viva Sales is continuously updated and enriched with new features, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and relevant in meeting the evolving needs of sales professionals.

Microsoft Viva Sales Overview and Presentation

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