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Managing your vendors can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome, not to mention that it's something you're likely to do daily. This can be especially difficult if you manage both inbound and outbound vendors simultaneously! 

However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a partner portal that can help you manage your vendors more seamlessly by providing them with information about what you need and helping you cut down on the number of mistakes your business makes in its day-to-day operations. Here's how it works!

What is a Vendor Portal?

A Dynamics 365 partner portal enables organizations to manage their vendors in a centralized and secure location. Users can easily store, track, and monitor vendor information, documents, and payments. By using a Dynamics 365 Portal, businesses can easily keep up-to-date records of all their vendors and associated data.

The vendor portal also enables organizations to communicate effectively with their vendors. The portal allows companies to share important documents with vendors, such as purchase orders, invoices, and contracts. This ensures that all parties are on the same page regarding business dealings. 

Here are the top-level capabilities of the Vendor Portal:

  • Vendors can update their profile information, including contact information, vendor addresses, bank accounts, certifications, and users.
  • View the purchase order. Accept, reject, split or send suggestions to change delivery dates.
  • Online purchase order invoice creation and online invoice payment status
  • Manage the bidding process
  • Ask about consignment inventory.
  • Attach notes and documents

Overall, using a Dynamics 365 partner portal effectively allows businesses to streamline their vendor management processes and ensure compliance with vendor contracts.

Features of Dynamics 365 Partner Portal

  • Managing vendor information

The portal allows vendors to manage their accounts and update their contact details, user profiles, billing information and preferences. The portal also makes it easy for you to perform day-to-day tasks such as managing outstanding orders/projects, reviewing invoices and purchase orders and much more.

  • Viewing invoices and past transactions

You can view all the invoices and past transactions in one place without having to go through numerous screens or log in multiple times. The system also provides reports on payments that have been made or are due, which is helpful when performing month-end closeouts. 

  • Using email templates to automate communication with vendors

You can create templates for any communications with your vendors. A few examples include statements of work, contracts, order confirmations and any other regular correspondence that needs to be sent out. Input the text you want to say and send it off whenever required. 

  • Unified Dashboard

The dashboard lets you see an overview of all interactions between your company and its vendors. It's an easy way to monitor project progress, approvals of purchase orders and invoices, payment status, etc., and quickly identify problems or issues before they escalate. 

  • Invoice & Purchase

This feature allows you to manage and edit specific discounts for your partners easily. This feature generates POs and invoices to help you keep track of the data for future insights.

  • Asset Repository

The partner portal allows you to access the asset library easily. This will allow you to store all marketing and sales materials for your business partners.

What are the Benefits?

This specialized tool helps you streamline dealing with multiple vendors, making it easier & efficient to get the most out of your business relationships. Here are just a few benefits you can expect to experience when you implement a Dynamics 365 Partner Portal:

  • Enhanced Collaboration

When you work on projects with other companies/partners, everyone must know each step in the process. For example, if one group of the team takes care of designing some marketing materials while another takes care of producing them, both need to be aware that someone else will handle delivering them at some point in the future. The key to success is communicating clearly about who does what. 

A Dynamics 365 Partner Portal makes this easy because all communication between team members is routed through this system first, so there's no confusion or missed steps along the way. 

  • Partner Focused

Personalization is a great way to improve your partners' portal experience and make it easier for them to manage. With the Dynamics 365 portal, you can automatically adjust the content to suit your partner's interests, activities, usage, and other factors. If you offer the best services, they will be more willing to invest in your business.

Whether you have five or 500 vendor partners, your company can stay organized and prioritize dealings accordingly. 

  • Data Storage

You may not realize it but storing information related to vendors, such as contact information, contracts, purchase orders and invoices, is time-consuming! It also opens the door to human error, which could mean lost records. That's why Dynamics 365 provides users with built-in tools that allow businesses to sync data automatically across various systems, including Salesforce CRM, so everything stays updated. 

  • Easy to Access

There's no complicated setup or lengthy training required. Channel partners have easy access to the portal, allowing them to access the resources anytime. This will allow them to synchronize their sales and communication cycles.

  • Integration with Other Systems

Another advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portal is its ability to integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Power BI, Office Online Server and PowerApps.

  • Document Management

With document management features like templates and auto-saving, you can save valuable time organizing documents and use that extra energy to focus on running your business more efficiently. You can also enable security features such as MFA or role-based access to protect your data from being stolen.

  • Mobile Responsive

Mobile phones, the most convenient and efficient way to do any digital activity, are an integral part of our lives. You and your partner can track and access the activities via your smartphone from anywhere with a mobile responsive portal.

What Challenges You Might Experience When Implementing a Partner Portal?

Partner portals can provide incredible benefits for your business, allowing you to grow quickly. However, implementing the portal can be a little tricky and confusing. This is where you should be cautious about why you created a partner portal.

There are some things you might encounter while using the partner portal, such as:

  • Process mapping
  • Changes in content
  • Multimedia migration
  • Problems with deployment
  • UI/UX design
  • Database Management & Integration

The good news is that you can make mistakes and customize the portal to avoid facing these challenges. To customize the portal for your company, you only need to work with a reputable company.

We at CRMJetty take the responsibility to customize the partner portal according to your specific requirements. Our Dynamics 365 Partner Portal developers are highly skilled and will take care of every aspect & requirement of your project. We also provide 24x7 customer support services that help us reach out to our clients whenever they need us.

Reach us, and let's discuss your vendor management needs further and how we can solve them by customizing a partner portal just for you!


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