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Top Customer Service Trends to Follow in 2021

We all are well aware about the importance of customer service in business. And the only way to master it is to provide customers with the latest tools, technologies and of course quality services. Strategizing your business according to customers' requirements and comfort can be a challenge that can be resolved with the help of a Dynamics customer portal.

And talking about strategies makes me wonder if you are still confused about adopting a new strategy to uplift your customer services? We have top customer trends that you can rely on in 2021. Remember the trends and their results depend on your business niche, its requirements and its adaptation.

The three main customer service technology trends recommended for the companies to redefine their business affair in 2021 are:

  • Provide customer service anytime, anywhere across various channels
  • Automation to streamline the multiple support channels under one platform

Let's check out the trends of 2021 that can enhance your customer service.

Top Customer Service Trends to Follow

1. Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel support is the latest customer service trend that allows your customers to choose your comfort to connect with the support agent via phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media, etc.

Through omnichannel customer service, companies can create a seamless customer experience and gain maximum customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Omnichannel:

  • High business performance with seamless customer service
  • Real-time assistance via voice and video chat
  • Display detailed insights on customer profile
  • Availability across various channels

2. Real-time Assistance with Co-browsing and Video Chat Facility

With the advancement in technology, new customer service strategies are emerging as trends like video call services. You can reflect transparency by providing video call assistance.

Video chat or live chat is the right way to guide the customers with their queries and help them to understand the services by providing accurate information using real-time support.

What does Real-time support provides:

  • Instant resolution of the customer queries and problems
  • Saves plenty of time for both- agent and the customer
  • Maximizes chances of sales conversion
  • User-friendly
  • Increases the ratio of customer engagement and satisfaction 

3. Apply ‘Mobile First’

Mobile phones are one of the never-ending trends, at least until our pockets are not made of laptop sizes. Currently there are 3.80 billion smartphone users globally. If this number doesn't sound convincing for you to apply ‘mobile first’ then what does? I know- benefits right!

  • Mobile channels play the main role in customer success
  • Increases efficiency of your customer support team
  • Develops customer loyalty and rapport with customers
  • Use of mobile phone’s emerging trend in customer service

4. Automated Self-Service

‘Quality matters.’ All ways, always! Whether it is delivering products or providing customer service. The quality you serve is what embraces your mark in the market. And in order to serve the best service, you can opt for automation. It maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of your customer support team and minimizes the response time. This results in escalating customer satisfaction.

Use of bots to manage customer support without a human touch is surely a help that every business dreams of. Authorize organizations to provide a gateway for all-round support via automated replies. This instantly assists the customer to figure out the technical fault and none of your staff have to move even a cursor for it. Quick and easy chatbots are a cost friendly solution to meet the common queries of the customers.

5. Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the major areas to focus on a daily basis. Effective customer service along with customer data collection escalates growth in the revenue, gains market share, etc. Opt for providing smooth, easy, and secure customer service. Dynamics 365 portal can promote excellence in the terms of providing ease of inputs. Your audience is too busy to wait for a reply or an email reverts. So, provide them with instant customer services by enabling self-service options like FAQs, tutorial videos, etc. Also, going for a video call will always be a great option.

6. Provide Personalization

Who doesn’t adore personalization? Almost every second organization is adopting this trend for attracting consumers to purchase products and services by providing personalized offers. And when we say personalization as a trend, I mean personalizing the whole process of serving. From taking orders to delivering them, everything can be dusted with personalization. You can let customers personalize their products, packaging, service plans, etc.


  • Develop loyalty with customers
  • Add value to their experience
  • Engages more customers by giving a  personal touch
  • Converse with customers using their name
  • Learn customer interests
  • Know their requirements 

7. Connect through Social Media Channels

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it - Erik Qualman.

We all know that social media channels are the best way to connect with your customers. And it comes under the business necessities list to have an active social media account for your business. But how can you use it more than displaying your products and services? Here are a few suggestions for the same.

  • Give detailed information about your company and products in the description
  • Make contact details easily visible by mentioning it on the top and bottom of your page
  • Provide direct links to your website
  • Engage with customers and answer their queries through comments
  • Showcase the testimonials by reposting their review stories
  • Go live and engage with your customers
  • Make online transactions seamless and secure possible
  • Be loud announcing the offers or discount coupons you are going to launch
  • Use social media sponsored promotions to advertise your brand
  • Invest in affiliate marketing

You can even find a strategic partner for your brand. For example, Innovative entertainment provider Cinemood recently did a partnership with Disney. It had broadcasted across all channels because of the trust and credibility the Disney brand has. This undoubtedly leveled up the engagement count for Cinemood.

8. Machine Learning to Improve CX

Machine learning can help organizations in improving overall customer experience. Predictive analytics has proved to be very effective in predicting support calls. Implementing machine learning in customer service technology trends will boost your business growth and enable you to offer a rich customer experience.

A business with a customer centric vision will push your brand to reach the limelight in the market. These undeniable trends and their benefits can uplift your business sales and enhance our customer’s experiences.

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