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Power Automate: Auto expand flows and auto reconnect

In this article, I would like to share 2 tips when working with PowerAutomate: expand all components in a Flows and auto re-connect flows after import.

1. How to exapand all components in a Flow

When I work with a big flow which contains a huge number of actions inside and I must click on each actions, one by one. It will take a lot of time to do it. So with the following way, you could do it with only a click. The idea is: we will use a script to inspect the DOM of HTML page so it could not run if oneday, MS has change the name of class of element.

  • Open Bookmark Manager then add a bookmark to Chrome or Firefox with the following code:
  • Open a flow:
Power Automate: Auto expand flows and auto reconnect
  • Click Expand Flow: Click the recent bookmark "Expand Flow" then all actions of your Flows are expanded.
Power Automate: Auto expand flows and auto reconnect


You could set up a Collapse bookmark with the same way to collapse all components:

  • Add a Bookmark with the following code:


2. How to re-connect flows after import

When I deploy the flow between multiple environments, One of the biggest issues I faced with Flows is I must re-connect all of the connections everytime. This take a lot of time to do it for every time I deploy especially I work with big flows. So the following tips will help you save your time with only one click.

We will do the same way with expand and collapse the Flows:

  • Add Bookmark the following code

Then the result will be: The connection LGT SQL Connection is auto reconnected.

Power Automate: Auto expand flows and auto reconnect


3. Conclusion:

These tips are quite simple to do but its efficiency is high. So I hope these tips are helpful when you work with Flows. If you have any issues or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment.

Power Automate: Auto expand flows and auto reconnect


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