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Maximising Sales Growth with Dynamics Partner Portal's Enhanced Functionality

Mon, 06/05/2023 - 05:58 By Maulik Shah

Several businesses have partners that make various business decisions, frame strategies, and invest together. To do all this smoothly, proper communication should be there. If there are misunderstandings, that can ultimately lead to the failure of the strategy and the relation between the partners resulting in a negative effect on the business. 

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Revolutionizing Self-Service with Dynamics 365 Portal: Benefits and Best Practices

Tue, 05/02/2023 - 08:01 By Maulik Shah

Providing efficient and effective customer self-service options has become increasingly important in today's fast-paced and digitally-driven business environment. Self-service saves customers time and effort, but it also assists businesses in lowering support costs and workload, increasing productivity, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Creating realistic Demo Data for Demo/POC scenarios

Wed, 04/26/2023 - 11:57 By David Uhlmann

Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of demo data is crucial in any product demonstration, whether it's during an RFP process or a standalone presentation. Often, we invest significant time and effort into creating an impressive app and/or Power BI dashboard, only to overlook the most critical aspect: the data itself. While we may have some experience in the client's industry, it's not always enough to create data that's truly representative of their unique situation.

Dynamic 365 Development Services

What does a Dynamics 365 developer offer?

Fri, 04/21/2023 - 09:19 By BiztechCS

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer, also called a D365 developer, is responsible for developing Dynamics 365 ERP for companies in compliance with functional specifications.

These specialists, who work in various disciplines such as finance, IT, business, and others, are detrimental to any company that uses Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 software.

Dynamics 365 Calendar

Simplifying Appointment Scheduling With Dynamics 365 Calendar

Thu, 04/06/2023 - 11:56 By Maulik Shah

Businesses often find managing multiple activities and appointments in the daily schedule challenging. Either some tasks are missed or remain half done.

The reason behind this is using an old school way of managing tasks, using spreadsheets. Managing appointments on a spreadsheet is not an option, especially when your business starts to grow. The process is time-consuming and prone to human errors.

Dynamics 365 Map

Location Intelligence: How Maps Can Transform Your Business

Mon, 03/27/2023 - 14:09 By Maulik Shah

The most important factor in winning a customer is convenience. If you manage to prioritize customer's needs and fulfill them, it will satisfy their requirements. One of the most popular ways used by many businesses for years is in-person sales. One-by-one interaction with customers has a totally different impact on your customer.

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Partner Management Directly Impacts Partner Relationship: Navigate that with Dynamics 365 Partner Portal

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 06:21 By Maulik Shah

Running a business requires more than just interacting and communicating with customers. They must also work and collaborate with other businesses for any product or service partnership. However, building strong partner relationships requires effective partner management. This involves clear communication & collaboration, providing partners with the resources they need to succeed, and proactively identifying and addressing challenges and conflicts.